Need practical how-to info that aims to help you build your evaluation capacity? This collection includes suggested readings from our friends at BetterEvaluation, the Center for Evaluation Innovation, the Center for Effective Philanthropy, and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations as well as hand-picked content by Candid. Thousands of actual evaluations are  available for download.

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Practical Innovations in Accountability: Comparative Constituency Feedback

May 1, 2017

This is a tool for obtaining feedback on a program's perception by various stakeholders (it can be applied at different points along the development value chain, between funders and grantees, and between organizations and their primary constituents). It uses a questionnaire to collect perceptions from organizations' constituents on key aspects of the organizations' performance. The questionnaire is administered simultaneously to a comparable constituency group for a cohort of similar organizations.

Guidelines and Best Practices

Powerpoint: Tools, Tips, and Resources for Using Surveys

December 4, 2014

Los Angeles County Arts Commission Presentation for using surveys.• Assessment & Evaluation Basics• Whats and Whys of Surveys• Surveys Step-by-Step o Writing Items o Data Placemats• Survey Clinic

Understanding and Utilizing Evaluative Thinking: An Approach for Evaluators, Funders and NGO Providers

October 23, 2014

From July through October, 2014, Bruner Foundation consultant Anita Baker worked together with evaluation consultant Gila Melech, Tel Aviv, to develop and share evaluation capacity-building strategies including the development of a conference presentation and training materials for Israeli evaluators, funders and NGO professionals. The planning work culminated in a week-long series of onsite meetings and training sessions and plans for ongoing follow-up and collaboration. This presentation highlights information presented in these meetings and sessions.

Guidelines and Best Practices

Measuring Your Impact

July 23, 2014

Intended Results for this Webinar* Viewers understand the importance of measuring and communicating their impact—and know how to talk about this with their staff and donors* Viewers know some starting steps to defining their impact and answering the question: What difference are we making?* Viewers know where to find some good examples and tools to begin

Evaluation in Foundations; Guidelines and Best Practices

Organizational Grant Program Reporting + Invoicing Workshop

July 1, 2014

Year 1/Year 2 Report forms for Organzational Grant Program Reporting and Invoicing Workshop.Part I: Evaluating Your ProgressPart II: OGP Report QuestionsPart III: Online Reporting System