Need practical how-to info that aims to help you build your evaluation capacity? This collection includes suggested readings from our friends at BetterEvaluation, the Center for Evaluation Innovation, the Center for Effective Philanthropy, and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations as well as hand-picked content by Candid. Thousands of actual evaluations are  available for download.

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Guide to LEED Certification: Commercial

May 2, 2017

LEED is a tool that certifies green buildings. It establishes a benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of green buildings and its requirements for certification are detailed in a checklist. Points are assigned to a project as it meets individual items on the checklist and a final point tally determines whether certification is awarded and the level of certification (platinum, gold, silver, or certified).

Ecological Footprint

May 1, 2017

The Ecological Footprint is a resource accounting tool that measures how much of the biological capacity of the planet is demanded by a given human activity or population. It takes into account six primary areas: cropland, grazing land, fishing grounds, forest, built-up land, and land for carbon absorption. The Ecological Footprint calculator, an application of the Footprint tool, asks a user a series of questions to determine how many global hectares are required for the entity's support - these questions include eating habits, household size, transportation usage, and others.

How to Construct Grant Performance Measures (Outputs and Outcomes): A Brief Guide for Environment Grant Applicants

January 1, 2011

Clear statements of the intended results of work to be completed under a grant are essential for shaping the project to be undertaken, for monitoring progress and making any necessary adjustments as the work proceeds, and for assessing the effectiveness and impact of the work as the grant ends. The Walton Family Foundation uses grant performance measures – outputs and outcomes – to express intended results and later to assess success in achieving those results. This document provides guidance for developing grant outputs and outcomes, with examples. If you have any questions, please contact your program officer.

Evaluation in Foundations; Guidelines and Best Practices

How to Construct Grant Performance Measures (Outputs and Outcomes): A Brief Guide for Home Region Grant Applicants

January 1, 2011

This guide is designed to help program officers and grantees as they work together to establish good performance measures. Please be sure to review the following information prior to developing and/or revising performance measures. At the bottom of this guide is a list of sample performance measures, which may provide a helpful starting point.

Evaluation in Foundations; Guidelines and Best Practices