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Gender Equality Principles Initiative

October 18, 2010

The Gender Equality Principles Initiative (GEP Initiative) offers tools to help companies around the world achieve greater gender equality and build more productive workplaces through practical implementation of the Gender Equality Principles (GEP). The GEP Initiative provides companies with practical standards, tools, and resources that can be used to improve gender equality from the factory floor to the boardroom. The Gender Equality Principles address 7 fundamental issues: 1) Employment and Compensation; 2) Work-Life Balance and Career Development; 3) Health, Safety and Freedom from Violence; 4) Management and Governance; 5) Business, Supply Chain, and Marketing Practices; 6) Civic and Community Engagement; and 7) Transparency and Accountability. The GEP Web site offers companies a self-assessment tool that will provide a baseline of a company's performance on issues of gender equality, identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, and deliver extensive tools and resources to assist in the design of an action plan.