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At Big Lottery Fund, we work with the sector, those we fund, other funders and policy-makers to deliver high-quality projects and share best practice and learning.

Doing this together helps us to maximise the impact of our work. It also helps us to achieve our mission, to support people and communities most in need.

One way we do this is through evaluation. We believe evaluation is a key part of any project that is serious about making a real difference. This opinion is not just unique to us. Most funding agencies place an emphasis on understanding what impact projects may or may not make and understanding why.

This guide will help you think about the benefits of evaluating your project and how to get started. It is not meant to be a comprehensive 'how to' document.

At the end of this guide, we provide you with links to some organisations that provide more in-depth information about how to conduct an evaluation and potential tools you could use.