Learning from Clients: Assessment Tools for Microfinance Practitioners

Jun 06, 2007
  • Description

SEEP Loan and Savings Use Interview

This tool is a qualitative 60-90 minute interview that attempts to measure the impact of lending. It identifies how microentrepreneurs and low income borrowers use financial resources (both loan capital and savings) to carry out their economic strategies for their businesses and households.

SEEP Impact Survey

This tool assesses the impact of microenterprise programs, primarily at the enterprise, household and individual levels. It uses a cross-sectional impact survey.

SEEP Empowerment Interview

This tool uses a qualitative interview to identify the impact of women's access to and use of microloans. It identifies changes in women's self-esteem, control over resources, skills, household relationships, and status within their communities.

SEEP Client Satisfaction Focus Group

This tool uses a focus group discussion to inform and improve program effectiveness by identifying clients' satisfaction and dissatisfaction with its specific elements.

SEEP Client Exit Survey

This tool attempts to inform and improve program effectiveness. It seeks to determine why and when clients leave the program, what clients think about the program strengths/weaknesses, and what they perceive the program's impact to be. It takes the form of a quantitative survey with standard questions and pre-determined answer categories in the form of an individual interview requiring 15-20 minutes to administer.